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Second wave of coronavirus to come in Europe

Andrea Ammon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), warned that Europe must prepare for a second wave of the new coronavirus. The question is not to know if there will be a new wave of infections, but when it will take place and what will be its scope, she said.

"The virus is all around us, circulating much more than in January and February," he added, stressing that the population's immunity figures are not encouraging: "between 85 and 90 percent" are still exposed to COVID -19.

Europe is the continent most affected by the pandemic, with almost two million cases, 170,000 of which resulted in death, especially in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain. In total, over five million cases occurred on the planet, including 328,000 deaths.

The Prevention Center, an agency of the European Union based in Sweden that advises the authorities on the control of infectious diseases, indicated in early May that "the initial wave of transmission passed its peak", while a decrease was registered of new cases in most EU countries.

Many European countries began to ease confinement restrictions, but according to Ammon, the second wave need not necessarily be disastrous if people continue to abide by safety distance rules.


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