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Mexico, rescue kidnapped doctors in hotel

Since the start of the pandemic in Mexico in late February, there have been attacks against health personnel in the country, from denying them access to buses and food centers, to physical attacks. As of today, Mexico reported a total of 54,346 confirmed cases and 5,666 deaths from COVID-19.

Agents from the Mexico City Attorney General's Office rescued 14 doctors from a hotel in the Mexican capital where they were kidnapped, authorities said. The doctors were rescued safe and sound from hotels in the Tacubaya area in Mexico City, where they were deprived of liberty, the Prosecutor's Office said in an information card delivered to the local media.

Relatives of the doctors denounced that they were extorted by telephone by people who informed them that they had detained their relatives and that, if they did not deposit a certain amount of money, they would harm them, the Prosecutor's Office indicated.

Authorities came to this hotel as part of an investigation to locate a person originally from the state of Chiapas who was allegedly kidnapped.

The doctors had arrived at this hotel within the framework of the free lodging program that members of this sector of the economy offer to the health personnel in charge of fighting the coronavirus pandemic in accordance with the agreement of April 16 with the government of the Mexican capital.

While the doctors were staying at the hotel, the alleged hostages allegedly told their relatives that they were keeping them in safe houses to demand money in exchange for their freedom. At the moment it is unknown if any family gave money to the kidnappers.


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