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Chinese experts come to Italy to fight the coronavirus

In Italy, the first cases were detected at the end of February and in just three weeks the total infections have exceeded 15,000.
A delegation of nine Chinese researchers and medical experts, who have fought the spread of the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan, the focus of the outbreak, arrived in Italy on Friday to help the country overcome this emergency due to COVID-19, which has caused more than 15,000 infections.

"We have come with 31 tons of medical supplies, including mechanical respirators, masks and other equipment (such as electrocardiograms). We hope that by sharing our experience we can help Italy overcome this emergency," said the vice president of the Chinese Red Cross and responsible for this team, Yang Huichuan, at a press conference in Rome.

After the peak of transmissions in China, this group of experts is determined to lend its help, knowledge and experience to Italy, the most affected country in Europe, with more than a thousand deaths, according to the latest official report.

As in China, the Italian Government has adopted very restrictive measures to try to stop this pandemic, it has limited the movements of people at the national level, it has closed all businesses that do not offer essential services and also schools, universities, cinemas, museums and theaters ; and has suspended public gatherings and sporting events.

All with the aim of preventing the number of infected from continuing to rise uncontrollably, as it has done so far day after day.

"We applaud all the measures taken by the Italian government, which are very similar to those taken by China and have been successful. We are convinced that Italy will emerge from this crisis as soon as possible," said the Chinese ambassador to Rome for his part. , Li Ruiyu.

The ambassador explained that the nine experts "have been in Hubei province, in the city of Wuhan (focus of the coronavirus outbreak), fighting the virus on the front line" and that they are now determined to share with Italy what they have learned so that the country and the rest of the world eradicate this virus.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio made it clear that Italy has two goals to meet, to heal the sick and to heal its battered economy, which is in danger of going into recession.

To reach the first goal, Di Maio has insisted on the need for people to avoid going outside, except out of necessity, and has called for Italians to donate blood, so needed these days by hospitals that They fight against the clock to heal the infected.

In the case of the economy, drastic measures approved by the Italian Government will penalize companies' income statements and this can lead to a punishment for employment. and numerous airlines have canceled their flights for several weeks, some until early April.


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