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Other people were hospitalized and nine of them are very serious.

In the Philippines, eight people die after drinking coconut wine with methanol

Eight people died and hundreds were hospitalized in the Philippines after drinking coconut wine that would have contained high levels of methanol, authorities said.

The victims had attended celebrations over the weekend in Rizal, southeast of Manila, and complained of a stomachache after drinking the wine, known locally as "lambanog."

Nine people are in a very serious state, said Jose Jonas Del Rosario, spokesman for the General Hospital of the capital.

In total, about 300 people were hospitalized. They had all drunk the same type of wine, which they had bought in the area, according to police.

 The local government immediately banned the sale of the concoction, widely consumed during the Christmas holidays, which is usually produced by hand.

Del Rosario said that one of the products that allows the fermentation of coconut wine is methanol, which in high doses can cause blindness and even death.

Last year more than 10 people died after drinking coconut wine high in methanol, according to samples found by the Philippine authorities.

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