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Camera of U.S. Representatives

Approve political trial against Donald Trump

The House of Representatives of the United States announced a political trial to the president, Donald Trump, in the Senate, by approving the charge of abuse of power against him for pressure on Ukraine to investigate former political vice president Joe Biden.

A total of 230 lawmakers supported politically imputing Trump with that vote, while 197 voted against and one abstained.

It is now necessary to hold a second vote for congressmen to rule on the second political charge for obstruction of Congress in the investigation of this case, although only one of the accusations is enough to be given the green light to consider the president politically charged.

The decision of the Lower House to pass a political trial against Trump, to be held in the Senate, was foreseeable given the comfortable Democratic majority in this chamber.

Throughout today, the chamber has heard the arguments of one and another bench in favor and against opening Trump an "impeachment," as the political trial is known in English.

Now the process will pass to the Senate, where the political trial is expected to be held from January.

There the Republicans maintain control by a slight margin, from 53 versus 47, to which is added that the "impeachment" also requires a two-thirds majority, so Trump's dismissal seems unlikely.

In September, the Democrats announced the start of an investigation to open a trial to Trump, after an informant revealed to the Intelligence services the content of a telephone conversation in July between the president and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski.

In that call, the US ruler pressured the Ukrainian to open investigations against his political rival and former vice president, Democrat Joe Biden - currently a candidate for his party in the 2020 elections - and his son Hunter for alleged corruption in that country.

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