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1,600 immigrants lived under tents

Camp inhabited by more than 500 migrants in Paris was dismantled

More than 500 immigrants were transferred to temporary accommodation, after the French police dismantled an immigrant camp in Paris.

The operation, the sixtieth of its kind in the French capital since the beginning of the migration crisis in 2015, was carried out without incident and under police supervision.

Three weeks ago the police dismantled two other camps in northern Paris, where 1,600 immigrants or exiles lived under tents.

"More than 500 people, including 216 vulnerable people (families or single women), were taken to shelters or shelters to examine their situation," the police station told AFP.

The French authorities have pledged to complete in the coming weeks the total dismantling of the unhealthy camps in northeastern Paris and to avoid any reinstatement of these people in the streets. But for associations, waiting for the complete evacuation, which had to be done in two stages, poses many problems.

For several days, "we have seen the return to the streets" of many immigrants whose few possessions have been "destroyed" and who have found refuge a little further, in tents next to the ring road that surrounds the capital, denounced on Thursday 23 associations that defend the exiles, among them Médecins du Monde.

They also denounced the "harassment of the police that controls, disperses and makes the exiles invisible" and warns of an "infernal cycle" of evacuations and reappearance of the camps.

Many of these immigrants flee war and misery in Africa or the Middle East and seek a place to settle in Europe. Several do not have papers, others are refugees or await a response to their asylum application.

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