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China plans to refine the system for selecting the heads of the autonomous government

China, tightening its policy with Hong Kong

The Chinese Government has pointed out that it proposes measures to strengthen its authority and national security in its difficult autonomous territory, where for almost five months the massive protests, sometimes violent, demand more democracy and denounce the policies of its autonomous executive and Beijing

A refinement of the selection and termination process of the next heads of autonomous government is proposed. In addition, the Hong Kong education program will have to emphasize patriotic doctrine and political leaders, national security. This was announced by a senior official, Shen Chunyao, at a press conference to explain the results of the annual meeting of leaders of the Communist Party of China.

The meeting, chaired by the head of state and Party secretary, Xi Jinping, had Hong Kong as one of its main issues, Shen said. According to the final communiqué of that plenary, Beijing considers measures that reinforce the administrative supervision of the central government and eradicate any separatist temptation or endanger the stability of the country.

The improvement in the selection of autonomous prime minister is a mystery. The change in the selection process of his head of government is one of the main demands of the Hong Kong protesters, 82 of whom declare themselves contrary to the current head of office, Carrie Lam. But the mobilized claim a universal suffrage system, which although it is provided for in the Basic Law or Hong Kong constitution, when appropriate circumstances arise, an increasingly critical Beijing of Western values ​​does not seem willing to grant.

Since this summer, the central government has concluded that what happens in the former British colony is, together with the trade war against the United States, one of the great risks to social stability, its absolute priority.

The statement of that meeting underlines the need to strictly govern the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao strictly in accordance with the Chinese Constitution and the Basic Law. Also protect the long-term stability and prosperity of both. The document coincided, precisely, with the announcement that, for the first time in a decade, the British excolonia has entered into recession, due to the impact of the protests and the commercial war.

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