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Turkish soldiers prepare to enter northern Syria

Spain joins arms sales to Turkey

The Spanish government joins the embargo on arms sales to Turkey decided by Germany, France, Holland and Finland. In coordination with its European Union partners, Spain will deny new military export licenses that can be used in the operation in Syria, ”La Moncloa said in a statement.

It is therefore a limited embargo on those categories of weapons that can be used in the offensive against the Kurds of Syria and does not affect existing contracts, such as Airbus A400M transport aircraft that are mounted in Seville or the ship of amphibious assault LHD Anadolu that a Hispanic-Turkish consortium, in which the public shipyard Navantia participates.

In the first half of 2018, the last period of which official statistics have been disseminated, Spain sold Defense material to Ankara worth 162.5 million euros, 9.5% of the total. Turkey was the fourth client of the Spanish military industry, after Germany, France and Saudi Arabia.

EU Foreign Ministers discussed on Monday in Luxembourg the imposition of an arms embargo on Turkey, but finally the decision was left in the hands of each country, with the commitment to strengthen controls on their exports of war material and adjust them to the EU Code of Conduct, which prohibits sales that may threaten regional peace, security and stability.

In line with the common position of the EU, the La Moncloa communiqué, agreed with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, "condemns" the Turkish intervention in Syria alleging that "it is having disastrous humanitarian consequences" by increasing the number of refugees and hinder the arrival of help; "endangers the stability and security of the region"; it hinders the political process promoted by the United Nations to reach a lasting peace in Syria, "gives new life" to ISIS or Islamic State and undermines the progress of the global coalition against this threat; and "endangers the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Syria.

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