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The operation aims to prevent the creation of a "terror corridor"

The president of Turkey has announced the start of his country's offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, announced on Wednesday the start of his country's offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria. A source of Turkish security, the Army has already launched howitzers against bases, ammunition depots and positions of shooters and weapons of the Kurdish YPG militia, far from residential areas. The objective of the operation, baptized under the name of Operation Source of Peace, is to eliminate the "terror corridor" along the southern border of Turkey.

Our mission is to prevent the creation of a terror corridor along our southern border and bring peace to the area. We will preserve the territorial integrity of Syria and free local communities from terrorists, he added. Ankara considers the YPG to be terrorists given its close ties with the PKK, a Kurdish armed group that has been operating in Turkey since 1983 with attacks and attacks on security forces.

Last Sunday, Donald Trump gave Erdogan a free path to launch that attack on those who until now have been the main US allies on Syrian soil. On the night of Monday through Tuesday, Turkey had already bombed the northernmost part of the Syrian-Iraqi border to "cut off supply lines, including weapons" of Kurdish militias between Iraq and Syria, two security sources explained to the Reuters agency.

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