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Breathalyzer test exceeded twice the allowed alcohol rate

School bus driver full of children arrested

Longview District School Bus Driver, in the state of Washington (United States) has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. The video recorded by the vehicle's security camera shows the woman driving frantically, while the children on board scream and bounce in their seats.

The driver, Catherine L. Maccarone, 48, was arrested on the day of the events, on September 12, after a 10-year-old student, who had just left school, called the police emergency number. According to the local police report, the breathalyzer test that was performed on the woman shows that she was carrying 0.96 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, more than double the allowed amount. In the video Maccarone is heard shouting: “I'm crazy! I am totally crazy! I'm so hilariously crazy! ” Meanwhile, the bus seems not to run in a straight line. The driver will appear in court on October 15.

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