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He promises to fight to defend Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg will defend Facebook

The founder of Facebook is concerned with the candidate's plan to split the big techs into a filtered audio.

Facebook's CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg involuntarily voiced concern in the financial world over the possible victory of Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 elections. In a leaked recording of a company meeting last July and published by The Verge, Zuckerberg says that if the senator fulfilled her promise to split the big technology companies, you have to "go down to the ring" and fight.

Elizabeth Warren wants to split the big companies, says Zuckerberg in the audio, “and if she is elected president, I bet we will have a big legal conflict and I bet we will win it. Is it still disgusting to us? Yes. That is, I do not want to file a large lawsuit against our Government. We want to work with the Government and do good things. But look, in short, if someone threatens something that is so existential, you go down to the ring and fight. ”

Zuckerberg's words reveal that he considers victory in the elections of ideas that only four years ago were marginal in the Democratic Party as possible. Senator Warren has placed second in the polls (first in some) behind former Vice President Joe Biden with a particularly combative speech against the big banks, his academic specialty, and the big Internet companies. In addition, it has proposed a fixed rate to the large fortunes of two cents for every dollar above 50 million dollars, which would be used to finance social programs.

Warren's program against large companies states that they "control more and more of our digital lives" and that they are "seizing competition in the technology industry." Warren says that the government "should split the monopolies and promote competitive markets," and gives as an example the government's action against Microsoft in the 1990s.

Warren responded to the news Tuesday morning tweeting again his plan for technology. "What would be 'disgusting," said Warren paraphrasing Zuckerberg's expression in the audio, "is that we don't fix a corrupt system that allows giant companies like Facebook to develop illegal anti-competitive practices, trample on consumer privacy rights and abdicate repeatedly of his responsibility to protect our democracy. ”

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