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With the greatest military parade in its history

China will celebrate its 70th anniversary

Beijing will show pointer weapons never seen in public, in a big parade this Tuesday to commemorate the anniversary of the People's Republic.
The stands for the spectators are already prepared, the streets closed and the rehearsals are completed. This Tuesday, along the immense Changan Avenue in Beijing, tens of thousands of people headed at the Tiananmen gate by Chinese President Xi Jinping will see squadrons of aerobatic planes passing by; platoon after platoon marking the step in perfect unison; and a whole range of the world's most cutting-edge weapons, never before shown in public. The celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China will have as their main dish the greatest military parade in the country's history.

It is an act with which Beijing wants to showcase the power of its Armed Forces - especially in times when its rivalry with the United States grows - to boast its capacity for innovation and, above all, to demonstrate absolute loyalty to the Communist Party and the Xi himself.

Soldiers have been selected for their military skills, excellent physical fitness and height: between 1.75 and 1.85, they; between 1.63 and 1.75, them. Also, as military spokesmen have pointed out, their absolute political loyalty. In total, 15,000 of them will march grouped into 59 formations and led by 27 generals - two of them women - accompanied by 580 pieces of armament and 160 aircraft. There will be a military band, which will perform 50 patriotic hymns; neither the flags and historical flags that will represent the milestones of the People's Liberation Army. A helicopter formation will trace a number 70 in the sky. What will be the fourteenth military parade since 1949 in crossing the Tiananmen Square on October 1 will also be the most important since then, as the General Staff wants to make clear.

With this parade, says the analyst, Beijing seeks to "strengthen nationalism and ensure national cohesion in difficult times." A national cohesion around the Communist Party, and the CCP around Xi - the "core" of the Party, with no time limits to its mandate since March last year -, following the dynamics of power prevailing in China since the leader arrived to power in 2012.

Something that is in line with the White Paper of Defense that China published this July, the first in four years, and that this week was confirmed by General Cai Zhijun, director of the parade organization: the march, the first in Beijing since which began the military reform ordered by Xi four years ago, will demonstrate "the absolute command of the Party" and an "unwavering loyalty and complete readiness to defend the leadership."

And for this, it will show off power, showing weapons systems that had never been presented in public until now. "The proportion of completely new weapons will be very high," said General Tan Min, executive deputy director of the parade organization. “Absolutely all the weapons that will be shown are made in China. Everything is also already in service and operational ”.

Among the weapons to be displayed, according to an analysis of satellite images by Professor Bondaz and Stéphane Delory for the FRS, in collaboration with Geospatial for Intelligence, there will be 36 intercontinental missiles, a figure never seen before in public. Among them, the powerful DF-41, an intercontinental missile with multiple nuclear warheads capable of reaching different targets anywhere in the United States.

They could also parade JL-2 missiles, designed to launch from a submarine and that can cover a path of 7,000 kilometers. Although they are already operational, they have never been publicly disclosed. A more advanced version, the JL-3, could reach 9,000 kilometers, although it would still be behind the American Trident, one of the jewels of the nuclear power crown of the first power that can reach 12,000 kilometers.

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