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They reduce the entry of refugees to the lowest figure in decades

Donald Trump reduces the influx of refugees

The president has decided to cut the current refugee program almost in half, which means that next year he will only admit around 18,000 people persecuted in different countries of the world, as announced by the State Department on Thursday, this being the figure Lowest for decades. The new plan will also reduce the role of the United Nations in choosing refugees for the United States and will give priority to asylum to religious minorities, some persecuted from Central America and Iraqis who have helped the US Government.

Only 18,000 people will be able to enter under that status next year, much lower than the 110,000 that Barack Obama established in 2016.

This White House decision will mean the lowest number of admissions since the refugee system was created in 1980, marks a drop of 12,000 compared to the current 30,000 for the 2019 fiscal year and a drastic reduction in the target of 110,000 refugees who The Administration of Barack Obama was set for 2016, his last year in the Government.

Many of the people fleeing wars or political persecutions will now see the doors of the United States closed for asylum, a place in the world that was preferred by refugees until Donald Trump came to power.

Since the beginning of September it was on the agenda of the Administration to reduce the program, with a proposal that came to end completely with the system, leaving that at the discretion of the president to allow the entry of refugees into the country in case of emergencies .

The United States considers migrants seeking refuge differently than those seeking asylum, although both, in general, flee their countries as they fear for their lives. The difference between the two has to do with something as simple as the whereabouts, the location.

Refugees are people displaced from their countries, by wars or humanitarian catastrophes, who request permission from the United States to enter. However, those seeking asylum are people who are already in the US and argue before immigration officials that their lives could be in danger if they return to their homes.

Critics of the presidential decision argue that the Administration would be abandoning the moral duty of the United States to be a world leader in the effort to help people in desperate situations and that other countries could copy the bad example.

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