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Trump's government presses again

They press Mexico again for immigration

The arrest of undocumented immigrants on the southern border of the United States has fallen to 56% since June 7, when the Donald Trump Administration pulled a battery of measures from Mexico to curb the flow of migrants crossing its territory, from Central America, to reach its northern neighbor. The head of Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan, made this information public in the White House and, at the same time, redoubled the pressure against the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom he urged to “do more”.

“We need them to do more. We need Mexico to do more, ”Morgan emphasized. "We need to make sure that they keep up the efforts right now, that the National Guard, that the 25,000 soldiers deployed remain on target." The official, who was director of the immigration police agency (ICE) with Obama, also called on the Mexican Executive to maintain and "expand" the so-called Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), whereby, roughly, the United States can return asylum seekers to Mexico to wait while their cases are decided, a measure that tests the seams of public services in Mexican border cities.

Washington reached this agreement after threatening its southern neighbor with a tariff surge on all its products. Morgan's statements take place weeks after President Trump himself praised the work carried out by Mexico to stop the flow of foreigners, palpable every month in the numbers of arrests at the border since that agreement. After reaching a peak of more than 144,000 in May, the number has been falling. Last August, it was reduced by 22%, to 64,006 and the percentage of families has also diminished, which allows the authorities to keep the paperless held longer, since they do not have minors in charge.

The fate of asylum seekers has also been affected by the immigration agreement. This same Monday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, denounced the consequences of this hard-handed policy. "The policies currently underway in the United States, Mexico and several Central American countries put many migrants in danger of suffering human rights violations and abuses," Bachelet said at the opening of the forty-second session of the Human Rights Council, which is being held. in Geneva As noted, at least 35,000 asylum seekers have been stranded in Mexican border areas so far this year.

The harshness of Morgan's words obscures the meeting scheduled for Tuesday by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, with members of the US Government to address precisely immigration policies, completed 90 days from the agreement. Ebrard reacted to the official's words through his Twitter account: “I just heard the statements of the CBP manager. I reiterate in the face of pressures: Mexico is not and will not accept being a safe third country, we have a mandate in that sense of the President of the Republic and it is a consensus in the Senate of all political forces. We will not accept it, ”he wrote.

The condition of “safe third country” would imply, in general, that Mexico is considered as a reliable destination for an asylum seeker as the United States is considered and, therefore, migrants who step on Mexican territory before US must request asylum from The Mexican authorities. It is a type of pact that the United States maintains with Canada and that it has wanted to obtain from the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, although this one is maintained as a red line after having yielded in the main thing: to disregard its promise of a benevolent immigration policy.

Trump, already scheduled in election campaign mode for 2020, should continue to transmit a hard-handed image with Mexico if he wants to maintain the main lines of the speech with which he won the presidency in 2016. The border wall construction project does not It has just been set by the disagreement of Congress, which must approve its financing - just getting emergency funds from the Pentagon to build a stretch - but the threat of tariffs has provided counterparts from the neighboring country.


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