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China, tightening its policy with Hong Kong

The Chinese Government has pointed out that it proposes measures to strengthen its authority and national security in its difficult

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Camp inhabited by more than 500 migrants in Paris was dismantled

More than 500 immigrants were transferred to temporary accommodation, after the French police dismantled an immigrant camp in Paris.

The operation,

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Protests for the political crisis in Bolivia

Two people died on Wednesday night in Bolivia in the midst of a serious confrontation between opposition protesters and officials

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Donald Trump stops being a New Yorker

Donald Trump decides not to be a resident in New York. He prefers to be from Florida, one of the

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By death of 39 immigrants in the United Kingdom, there are four detainees in Vietnam

Authorities in Vietnam have arrested four people and are looking for a fifth in an operation against human trafficking initiated

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Mass blackouts in California in fear of new fires

Hundreds of thousands of people were left without power in California, after the state's largest utility company cut power due

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Detention and subsequent release of a son of El Chapo

Military and criminals face shooting for hours on the streets of Culiacán. With the capture of Ovidio Guzmán López, aka El

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Obsolete power grid exposes California

The damage is already done. It is a damage that has several levels. First, about two million people who were

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