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The United States demands greater pressure from Mexico in the fight against drug trafficking

The López Obrador government increases the pace of extraditions while Washington asks to stop fentanyl traffic. The relationship between Mexico and

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Iranian deputy offers three million dollars for killing Trump

The authorities have not ruled on the bravado that the representative has presented to Parliament

An Iranian deputy on Tuesday offered

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Seal the first phase of the agreement to end the trade war

Washington still maintains tariffs on USD 360,000 million in products imported from Beijing. The United States and China have signed an

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Iran's supreme leader calls for national unity in the face of protests

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has made a closed defense of the Revolutionary Guard and its activities in neighboring

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Charles Michel, president of the European Council disputes Borrell leadership in the international policy of the EU

Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, has taken advantage of the first two months of his term to

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Democratic race loses diversity

The former mayor of Newark announced that he is retiring from the presidential race, which began by standing out for

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Approve political trial against Donald Trump

The House of Representatives of the United States announced a political trial to the president, Donald Trump, in the Senate,

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In the Philippines, eight people die after drinking coconut wine with methanol

Eight people died and hundreds were hospitalized in the Philippines after drinking coconut wine that would have contained high levels

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