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Remdesivir, miraculous result in patients treated in South Korea

Remdesivir antiviral drug that is gradually becoming what could well be the miracle drug for the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19.
This is demonstrated by that frenzied war between several countries over the purchase of available stocks, that same race between nations could be intensified, after knowing the results that remdesivir has presented in patients treated in South Korea.

In a series of results presented by the country's health authorities, one in three seriously ill South Korean patients with coronavirus showed a serious improvement after being given the antiviral. This result is in addition to a clinical trial in the United States where the drug was administered intravenously to patients and this helped to shorten hospital recovery times.

In the midst of the global crisis due to the lack of a vaccine to combat coronavirus, several nations, including South Korea, have focused their efforts on providing patients with this antiviral in their treatment to relieve themselves of COVID-19.

The manufacturer Gilead Sciences reported that a recent analysis showed that remdesivir can help reduce the risk of death in seriously ill COVID-19 patients. Still, he was clear in warning that more rigorous clinical trials must be done to get to the bottom of all the drug's benefits.

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