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Tips so that the COVID-19 does not take away your sleep

Concern about the coronavirus can disturb sleep, have routine activity, and disconnect two hours before going to bed.

The Spanish Society of Neurology issued some tips to avoid insomnia. Sleep disturbance is a normal response to this situation of confinement and stress, explains the coordinator of the SEN Study Group on Wake and Sleep Disorders, Dr. Carles Gaig.

1. The importance of natural light, We have an internal clock in the brain that marks the circadian rhythm, which lasts the cycle of the day, 24 hours. This means that we synchronize with the light, when the morning light gives us that clock sets the time, "says the expert. For this reason, he recommends that even if we are at home we must ensure that it gives us light by going out to the terrace, balcony or near the window.

2. According to the neurologist, the most common disorders consist of taking sleep and waking up several times at night. And that is combatted by being strict in fulfilling a daily activity routine. You have to keep a regular schedule, get up and go to sleep at more or less the same time.

3. Having a healthy diet, practicing relaxation or any other type of exercise twice a day, morning and afternoon, better than at night, as well as avoiding a nap, this means cutting off everything that causes us to be alert.

4. Not always be aware of information on the coronavirus epidemic at all times.

5. Take advantage of these days to sleep or rest the recommended eight hours, avoiding staying up late or getting up early.

6. We have to know how to control this excess information that we receive from the coronavirus through different channels, from mobile phones to television. It is better to inform ourselves twice a day and the rest of the time to dedicate ourselves to other things, emphasizes Carles Gaig.

7. Regarding children, these tips should be extreme. They are the ones who need a routine the most, as if they were going to school, and especially to avoid going to bed late.

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