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You have to decontaminate the car every three months

Washing, vacuuming the car and other procedures such as the elimination of microorganisms that accumulate inside the car, should be performed periodically to avoid diseases that affect the health of the human being.

Liquids that are accidentally dropped or debris such as napkins, glasses or packages that are forgotten in the vehicle, become elements that create favorable environments for bacteria, fungi and viruses to be stored inside, and generate allergies or lung infections.

Some of the signs that should not go unnoticed and allow to identify that the air in the car may be contaminated are: itchy nose, burning eyes, sneezing, coughing or smelling when using heating or air conditioning.

While washing the car or vacuuming it periodically removes dirt and some of the contamination, these procedures do not eliminate the root problem. Using aerosols or air fresheners is also not a solution, because they are flavoring and germs do not die with the use of such products.

A study of the Enviromicrobial Services GAP shows that a car can accumulate "up to 17,000 bacteria more than a house." Other research from Aston University, in the United Kingdom, reveals that "in an average vehicle you can find up to 283 different types of bacteria per square centimeter."

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