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Prescription drug costs

The Bay Area legislator takes care of pharmacy benefit managers

State representative Jackie Toledo officially announced a new bill designed to reduce the costs of prescription drugs and increase pharmacy access for all patients.

Surrounded by pharmacy owners, patients, other state representatives and even doctors, he described the Law on reducing the costs of prescription drugs.

"The PBMs would have to reveal how they are making their money, and it would prohibit the practice of setting prices, that they are charging someone more than what the drug really costs, or they reimburse pharmacies less than what the drug costs," Toledo said. , a Republican "Also, it prohibits the practice of administration. Therefore, instead of going to the pharmacy owned by PBM, it has an option."

PBM stands for Pharmacy Benefit Managers. Toledo calls them "intermediaries." He cited an example, saying that in the case of a generic ADHD drug that costs $ 20, he said that a PBM required pharmacies to charge $ 120.

"This is a price increase," Toledo said. "This is just an example of how PBMs benefit from the backs of patients, pharmacies and taxpayers, and this practice should stop."

The bill is also gaining bipartisan support.

"This is not just a pocket problem, it is a life or death problem for many of our voters here in Florida," said state representative Jose Javier Rodriguez, a Miami Democrat.

Amanda Rees is a Tampa pharmacist. She has worked at West Shore Pharmacy with her brother for the past 10 years, and said her father helped patients there for 20 years before they arrived.

"We have seen an increase in these PBMs that force patients to use large corporations, such as a CVS or Walgreens, or force them to use mail orders and drive out the community pharmacy business," Rees said. "We want it to be fair in all areas. We should buy medicines for what they are buying, and we should get what they are paid for, and there should not be any of these discrepancies in which they are hurting the little ones." Boy and expel us.

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