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Ebola appears contained in Goma, but flares in other parts of Congo: WHO

The latest infections include the mysterious case of a woman in her 70s with no known history of travel or

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You have to decontaminate the car every three months

Washing, vacuuming the car and other procedures such as the elimination of microorganisms that accumulate inside the car, should be

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Ally of our health

The phrase, I'll sleep when I'm dead. If you do, maybe that time comes sooner than expected. Sleep is a

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State lawmakers want to give veterinarians medical marijuana cards

Local state lawmakers have introduced legislation for veterans so they can obtain medical marijuana cards.

Bill sponsors, veterans dealing with pain

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The Bay Area legislator takes care of pharmacy benefit managers

State representative Jackie Toledo officially announced a new bill designed to reduce the costs of prescription drugs and increase pharmacy

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Those who sleep a lot have a higher risk of a stroke

The nap is rigorous, but Chinese scientists warn that those who take them long or sleep more than nine hours

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Report illness on cruise in California

Authorities say 19 people aboard a cruise reported flu-like illnesses when they arrived at a port in southern California.

The Los

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No more menthol cigarettes, new tobacco ban

Massachusetts became the first state to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vaporization products, including menthol cigarettes, after the

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