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Florida, coronavirus cases exceed 15,000, the deaths and continue to rise

The number of known cases of the new coronavirus in Florida exceeded 15,000, while the number of deaths reached 300.

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Coronavirus in Florida: Industries in trouble, trapped travelers

The number of coronavirus cases in Florida continued to rise Monday, with 220 new cases in 24 hours, with a

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Vaccine against COVID-19

As of March 13, there were 41 vaccines in development, as reported by the WHO, World Health Organization in a

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Tips so that the COVID-19 does not take away your sleep

Concern about the coronavirus can disturb sleep, have routine activity, and disconnect two hours before going to bed.

The Spanish Society

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Tampa Bay hospitals adjust rules for visitors due to coronavirus

Tampa Bay hospitals have imposed new limitations on who can visit in an effort to curb the spread of the

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Florida reports almost 100 more cases of coronavirus

The state is now tracking more than 300 cases and seven deaths, according to health officials. The Health Department is

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Natural antimicrobials

Since before, nature has been taken as a pharmacy at hand, on whose shelves we find products to cure diseases

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Coronavirus in Florida

The first cases of Florida are in Hillsborough and Manatee counties. For Florida, special concerns about the elderly population, senior

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