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Learn how to make the ultimate Caesar salad for a main course, with crisp lettuce, crunchy croutons

How to make next level chicken Cesar salad

In its original form a Caesar salad is a simple mix of lettuce, croutons and cheese in punchy anchovy and garlic dressing, classically all concocted tableside. This famous American salad is now used as a base for lots of bulked-out variations which include everything from avocado to lobster – and most commonly griddled chicken, which is where we’ve taken it.

We haven’t veered too far from the classic, but reworked the main elements and invented the crunchiest cheese croutons yet. We’ve kept the dressing creamy but ditched the raw egg from the traditional ingredients. And to boost the chicken flavour, we’ve brought in the option of making some chicken crackling to sprinkle over it all, culminating in a salad fit for an emperor. Try our best ever chicken Caesar salad recipefor yourself and use the following tips to take it to the next level.

10 tips for the perfect chicken Caesar salad:

1. Make some chicken crackling
2. Flatten the chicken for even cooking
3. Marinate chicken for depth of flavour
4. Tear the croutons for a rough, crunchy edge
5. Next level croutons baked with cheese
6. Three ways with parmesan
7. Make the dressing creamy with mayonnaise
8. A well-balanced dressing
9. Char for flavour
10. Last-minute mixing

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