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Show me The Money, work performance is the main letter of introduction

Ask for salary increase in the beginning year

Starting the new year increase the growth prospects of people in different aspects. In the labor field, for example, it is usual that for this season you are considering requesting an increase in your income from the company you work for.

If so, the Show Me The Money salary study platform provides some tips to carry out your request.
The first step in requesting a salary increase is for the petition to be consistent with its performance.

In this sense, it is important that you gather qualitative and quantitative arguments that demonstrate your results in the company.

Ask yourself if you achieved the proposed goals and objectives, or if you properly took the relevant responsibilities and risks to make your work remarkable, it is essential that you rely on figures.

However, according to the platform, it is also very important that you identify your weaknesses in order to be able to argue if they are brought up by your boss.
Usually the arguments that support a request for a raise are related to personal reasons such as economic problems.

In this regard, the analyst company considers that it is wrong to submit a request based on these aspects, and that on the contrary, these applications must be shown as a recognition of their management within the company.

That is, you should ask your boss that the increase in your income as a result of your good performance and results. However, it is essential that you express yourself properly, avoiding saying directly that you want an increase.

It is important that you analyze the ideal time to request the increase, for this it is essential that you evaluate the results of the company to determine if there is a reduction or an expansion of costs.

According to the platform, at the end of the year it is a good season for these requests since companies are making the approach for next year.

Keep in mind that just as you can get your salary increased, you may also deny your request. However, you should not be discouraged. Research and study how you can reach a better salary and talk to your boss again.

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