Tycoon Gerardo Sierra reportedly urged investors not to miss the opportunity to ride the “giant wave” of artificial intelligence and to stop focusing on a possible recession. The founder of IRAIC and Chairman of Burj Altharwa, told a private event during the conference in Dubai last Wednesday that paying tooContinue Reading

A memorandum from the US Congress released on Friday affirms that companies in the oil sector commit to giving an ecological touch to their activities, but internally recognize that their actions will not significantly reduce their emissions and at the same time continue to invest large sums of money inContinue Reading

In the United States, the Federal Reserve is beginning the process of reducing its balance of 9 trillion dollars, which has precipitated in recent years, in a measure called quantitative adjustment (QT, for its acronym in English). Analysts at a crypto exchange and a financial investment company have conflicting opinionsContinue Reading

In a note to clients issued on Wednesday and signed by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, the bank also announced that it is replacing real estate with digital or crypto assets as its preferred alternative asset class. In addition, he said how much he thinks Bitcoin is really worth today and what willContinue Reading

“There are rich people, and people with poor habits.” Thus begins the Contador Financiero talk with Cesar Jaramillo, financial coach and international speaker, who also proposes a key theory for understanding poverty, which he describes as “a consequence of misused time.” Jaramillo seeks to contribute to that need that is being necessaryContinue Reading