Investor Michael Burry issued a warning on Twitter that Wall Street stocks are “vastly overvalued and about to drop,” an announcement that was removed from the social network late Monday night. Almost perched with a multiple problem Burry tweeted, attaching a chart tracking the price-to-sales ratio of the equal-weighted S&PContinue Reading

With the fateful arrival of the pandemic, the way we understand some social activities, including work, ended up being transformed forever. A common phenomenon that captures the news every day is, precisely, the evolution of traditional work models. Now there are more and more companies that implement teleworking, blended formulasContinue Reading

An initiative was announced that aims to provide $100 million over five years to improve equality and inclusion in Miami’s rapidly growing technology sector. Under the name of Tech Equity Miami, JPMorgan Chase, The Knight Foundation, The Miami Foundation and aire ventures have come together to launch this initiative inContinue Reading