According to statements by Prime Minister Daniel Risch to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, the Liechtenstein government plans to accept bitcoin as payment for state services. According to Risch, the proposal provides for the immediate exchange of any cryptocurrency received for Swiss francs, to avoid exchange rate risks. In addition, itContinue Reading

In a note to clients issued on Wednesday and signed by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, the bank also announced that it is replacing real estate with digital or crypto assets as its preferred alternative asset class. In addition, he said how much he thinks Bitcoin is really worth today and what willContinue Reading

A South Korean entrepreneur, Do Kwon, called the cryptocurrency he created “my greatest invention” in 2018. In endless tweets and interviews, Kwon heralded the potential of the currency, Luna, to change the world and amassed a band of investors and supporters he proudly referred to as “lunatics.” Kwon’s company, TerraformContinue Reading

Rating agency Moody’s issued a report warning on Wednesday that the adoption of cryptocurrencies could lead to excessive fragmentation of the payment system and weaken financial stability, especially in countries with weakened macroeconomic systems. The rating agency emphasizes that sovereigns with lower ratings are increasingly using cryptocurrencies, as it canContinue Reading