Engineers and astrophysicists have applied their efforts to understand the phenomena that originate in the exterior of the Earth and in our solar system for several decades. Precisely for this reason, different space agencies have designed and manufactured powerful telescopes such as the James Webb, together with different probes that have managed to monitor the phenomena that originate in the cosmos.

The magnetic field that covers the Earth is among the different phenomena that occupies the interest of human science, which is of the utmost importance for life on the planet despite the fact that it is an element that cannot be perceived with the senses.

The magnetic field is a protective layer that surrounds the Earth to protect it from cosmic radiation and the particles that are attracted by the powerful winds come from the Sun, according to experts.

The researchers have specified that the magnetic field that surrounds our planet is produced by large amounts of liquid iron that are in the outer core of the Earth, located about 3,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface and its constant movement generates colossal electrical currents that produce a magnetic field that is constantly changing.

The particles, upon coming into contact with the oxygen and nitrogen that are in the upper layer of the atmosphere, are repelled and immediately produce the green lights that give shape to the aurora borealis.

The northern lights are one of the perceptible evidences of the protective action exerted by the magnetic field on Earth. However, modern science has developed instruments that make it possible to listen to the sounds produced by the interaction between space particles and the solar wind.

Scientists have managed to more accurately analyze the magnetic signals emitted by the Earth’s core, along with the ionosphere and magnetosphere thanks to the trio of ‘Swarm’ satellites, launched by the European Space Agency in 2013.

The data collected by the European Space Agency and a group of expert sound engineers, musicians and scientists from the Technical University of Denmark was able to generate an interpretation of how the movement of the Earth’s magnetic field might sound to the human ear.

The generated audio provides an eerie sound that seems to come from somewhere sinister, but it is certainly a representation of the magnetic field produced by the Earth’s core as it interacts with space particles and solar winds.

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