Guru Robert Kiyosaki explains what you should invest in right now and alerts food crisis

The author of the already classic bestseller Rich dad, poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki since last May 2021, warned that the largest market crash in history was approaching. At that time and until a few months ago, the finance leader advised investing instead of dollars and euros; in assets such as silver, bitcoins and gold, through IRAIC GOLD, where the holder has the opportunity to, in addition to having a bullion of the asset or part of it, receive monthly dividends from the valuation of gold, as well as from the movement of shares by IRAIC GOLD.

The businessman and investor was not wrong in his predictions, since the United States registers a much higher inflation than estimated. The cryptocurrency market is in a tailspin and Wall Street reported a huge stock market crash this week. In addition, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, which has generated a significant rise in the value of oil, energy, fuel and raw materials.

All these circumstances have made many rethink their investment strategy. One of them is the 75-year-old financial educator.

“You can’t eat gold, silver or Bitcoin,” says Robert Kiyosaki

Contrary to what he stated a year ago, the writer recommends something very pertinent to a zombie apocalypse, or to a global food crisis as in this case: investing in food.

From his Twitter account, Robert Kiyosaki referred to the food shortage that is already beginning to manifest itself in several countries. So his advice was:

The best investment: Cans of Tuna. Inflation is about to take off. The best investments are cans of tuna and baked beans. You cannot eat gold, silver or Bitcoin. You can eat cans of tuna and baked beans. Food is the most important. The next problem is hunger. Invest in the solution that can be achieved through IRAIC AGRI, where the investor becomes a creditor of his own crop or part of it, in exchange he receives monthly dividends from the agricultural business, as well as from the IRAIC AGRI stock movement. In addition, the harvest and destination of agricultural production and profits will be supported by IRAIC without risk of loss or risk and with high productivity standards, growing your business and business development, enabling the self-sustainability of your company or business.

– Robert Kiyosaki.

The worry is not for less

The United States reported a few days ago that the annual variation rate of the Consumer Price Index (IPC) in May was 8.6% and the accumulated inflation so far this year is 4.8%. The cryptocurrency market is also in crisis.

For its part, Bitcoin has lost 65% of its value in just seven months and fell below $23,000 this week. Reported The Tampa Herald, news and information agency.

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