“The worst is coming for Shakira, she suffers witchcraft”: Mhoni Seer alarms with new prediction.

ore than half a year after announcing their official separation, Shakira and Gerard Pique continue to make headlines, especially due to the fact that their breakup occurred in the midst of an affair.

Since then many people have talked about the ex-couple, among them is astrologist Mhoni Vidente, who has made several predictions about what will happen in the life of the singer and the ex-footballer.

She also said that Shakira and Pique would be involved in different movements and radical changes, according to Semana.

Mhoni Vidente says Shakira should leave her current home and protect herself from bad vibes

The Cuban astrologist has said that Shakira has to leave the house in Barcelona where she currently lives, since, she argues, that residence is cursed for various reasons.

“Shakira, what she has to do is to get out of that house, it is cursed, it is a cursed house,” said Mhoni.

That’s where they stole your jam, Shakira, and other things.”

Likewise, the psychic said that the Colombian superstar must protect herself from the bad energies of the parents of the former Blaugrana defender, who have been her neighbors for years.

The Cuban highlighted the importance of this point, because she claims Shakira’s ex-in-laws are tired of her and want her away from their lives.

“What Shakira has to do is protect herself from the bad vibes of Pique’s mom and dad,” Vidente said.

Is Pique a victim of witchcraft?

Monhi Vidente says that the witchcraft being conducted against Pique is not coming from Shakira, but from other previous partners. She points out that it is affecting his parents and his girlfriend, Clara Chia.

“The ones suffering witchcraft – and strongly – [are] Pique’s family, Pique’s parents. Pique and Clara Chia say they are suffering witchcraft, and you know what, yes, but not done by Shakira,” Vidente said.

“Here the witchcraft comes from other people who were with Pique and another situation that was in matters of soccer, but his mother already wants to change things because she can’t stand Shakira.”

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