Piqué arrives for the first time in Miami to see his children.

Gerard Piqué arrived from Spain to Miami on the night of this Wednesday, April 26 in what is the first visit he makes in that city to the two children he had with Shakira.

However, his children allegedly conditioned him to visit them without Clara Chía Marti, according to paparazzi and journalist Jordi Martín.

Shakira’s ex arrived from Spain with a very casual look: jeans, faded shirt and sunglasses that he did not remove inside the facilities of the air terminal.

The children do not even want to see Clara, the children have told their father ‘we do not want to meet her’: ‘Please, the ten days you come to Miami we do not want to be with her,'” said Jordi Martín on April 5 in the Argentine show ‘Intrusos’ of the America TV network.

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