The fall of Netflix, which has pioneered streaming television, has caused consequences for the entertainment industry in general.

Given the drop in subscriptions, the economic losses of the platform are reflected, in addition, creative opportunities have been limited, since with less budget the strategy is now focused on ‘recycling’ products already made, while the number of own productions decreases, plan that their competitors have followed, who also bet on stories that have already been told. The Lord of the Rings (Amazon Prime Video), House of the Dragon (HBO) and Andor (Disney Plus), among others, are some examples of them.

The crisis that Netflix is going through has an economic impact on scriptwriters, creators, producers and actors, as well as users who, although they have vast content in all available options, new quality content has fallen. According to experts, this crisis could eventually lead the big rivals to group together and create a model with lower monthly prices, which saves the industry, currently affected by excess options.

Another situation that could also affect the model has to do with the incorporation and generalization of advertisements on the platforms, in order for them to be financed. However, they would be breaking precisely with one of their initial value propositions, which consisted of not having interruptions or advertising in the content.

Published by The Tampa Herald, news and information agency.

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